Silhouettes - Art Quilts

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Silhouettes Art Quilts by Fran Morgan of Fabric Cafe;  030405.  Take an inner journey of discovery.  

...Because of the lessons I've learned through my struggles as a beginner quilter, I've identified some key areas to make quilting a happier experience and want to communicate them to you through the pages of this book.  First the quilts should be easily accomplished -- no overly complicated piecing.  I wanted to use basic, traditional quilt patterns that can be replicated with ease and even a beginner can enjoy a feeling of great success.  However, I didn't want to sacrifice interest and style.  So I included simple applique techniques and used bold color to achieve the illusion of complexity.  Next, I wanted to make fabric purchasing an easy and successful venture, so I've included sample swatches of each fabric I used....
Patterns Included: Awakening, Inner Work, Eureka, Reflections

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