60" soft tape measure

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We have the ideal starter kit from Ever Sewn that includes all the tools you will need.
Bundle includes the following: 9.5" Titanium Black Tailor Scissor, Clipper Scissor-Green Handle, Patented Magnetic Pin Catcher with Storage Drawer - Blue color, Heart Shape Safety Pins 20pc, Seam Gauge Ruler with Sliding Marker, Tape Measure PVC 60"L, Water Vanish Pen + Eraser - Blue color, Iron Vanish Pen - Red color, Seam Ripper with Ball 90mm Length - Blue color, 45mm Rotary Cutter Ergonomic Handle, Fabric Clips 10pc - 3.5 x 1.8cm, Colored Glass Pearl Head Pins 100pc head diameter 3.2mm, total 40.5mm x 0.6mm diameter, Quilting Ruler Rectangular (150x300x3mm) high clearance acrylic - scratch resistant, Folding Cutting Mat - Green color (450x300x3mm) 2.5mm PVC Folding Mat and It's 'El'mentary Book.
In addition to the Starter Kit, you will receive a FREE $20.00 Quilt in a Day Gift Certificate. You can use it for fabric or any other item on our website. This Set would make the perfect gift!

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