Longarm Quilting Service

Size: 0-1500sq in
Binding: No
Sale price$45.00


We are so excited that you have chosen us to quilt your beautiful project. We are pleased to offer edge-to-edge quilting services for a wide range of quilts.

Our all-inclusive services always include the following. Quilting of the quilt, batting, thread, pattern of your choice, and return shipping. There are absolutely no hidden fees of any kind! 

Please follow the steps below to send in your quilt.

1) Print out the checklist here. This checklist must be completed, and turned in with your quilt.

2) Measure your quilt (length x width = size in square inches).

3) Select the size of your quilt from the options on the right.

4) Select whether or not you would like your quilt bound. Binding services are .15 cents per linear inch.

5) Determine the quilting pattern you would like, using the link below.

Please note: when you make your color selection, our in-house longarmer will select the tone that best matches your quilt (e.g., if you pick red thread, then we will make sure that the spool used matches the red in your quilt).

6) Complete your purchase by checking out

7) Prepare your quilt for mailing by ensuring that it is clean (i.e., no pet hair, debris, loose threads, etc.), pressed (including backing), and folded neatly. Backing must be at least 8” longer, and wider, than quilt top. If you would like your quilt bound, prepare your binding strips (2.5", pressed and folded neatly with your quilt).

8) Mail your quilt top and backing to the address below (we recommend using the smallest possible USPS flat-rate envelop or mailer)

Bearly Threaded Quilting
44332 Sterling Hwy. Ste. 8
Soldotna, AK

9) Await the joyous return of your quilt! We will mail your finished quilt back to you within 2 weeks of receiving it. 

10) Prepare the next quilt you are ready to send!


That's it!

Once we receive your quilt, a team member will call you to go over your batting, thread, and pattern selections to make sure that we have a clear understanding of what you want. 

*Please note, backing is not included. If you would like to purchase a backing, instead of sending one, please let our team know during your call to get the specifics of your order.

**The price at checkout is for typical quilting projects. Additional charges may be incurred if your project requires extra "love" (i.e., the quilt needs to be re-squared, requires pleats, has pockets/ T-shirt quilt, has appliqué, etc.). Additional charges, as applicable, will be discussed with you prior to quilting. If you decline the services you may choose to have your quilt returned to you. Bearly Threaded Quilting reserves all rights in determining which services will incur extra fees, based upon the individual quilt. If you have questions about whether or not we can longarm your quilt, please call and speak with us prior to mailing your quilt. 

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